Andreas 2.3 in production at The Municipality of Amsterdam

Productie Andreas 2.3_Gemeente Amsterdam

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After a period of intensive development, at the end of last year we successfully brought the Andreas 2.3 application to production for the municipality of Amsterdam,a new version of the information system already used and developed by us that bears the name Andreas. In doing so, we have once again contributed to improving the quality of administrative decision-making within this municipality where 17,000 people work.

Successful release

In this release, support for a significant new part of the Amsterdam organization was added to the Andreas 2 application. This concerned the city council and the associated council committees. In addition, the concept Term Calendar Objects was also introduced in the Andreas 2.3 application and after the link with external meeting solution iBabs,a link with Notubiz was now also realized. Notubiz is another meeting solution to digitize decision-making. In this way, we are increasingly working on the digital transformation of the organization and its users.

From load to stool

The realization of Andreas 2.3 of course caused a considerable burden on the support departments because hundreds of users suddenly had to start working with a new application for them. These users had been used to Andreas 1 for years. After all the bumps were taken and the benefits became clear, the users are now in a positive mood. One even speaks of a very successful release.

Thanks to the sincere and close cooperation between the business, the IT department and our consultants involved, it is nice that we have again realized a high-quality product. From our partnership, we continue to do what we do best: With real people, create real solutions.


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