Data security from any workstation

Praktisch iedere onderneming verzamelt en bewaart data. Zonder data is het verrichten van werkzaamheden eigenlijk onmogelijk. Daarom is het belangrijk dat data goed wordt beveiligd. Want als de bescherming en beveiliging van data onvoldoende gebeurt

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Practically every company collects and stores data. Without data, it is actually impossible to carry out work. That is why it is important that data is properly secured. Because if the protection and security of data is insufficient, the consequences are great. How does your organization ensure good data security from every workstation? Instantly increase your knowledge and awareness of data security.

Data security crucial

The days when data was secured by access control to the building you work in are long gone. Yet many organizations still work from that basic idea. Because we work with colleagues together and in the office. Is that still the case? Information security is more crucial today than ever. The value of data or information is determined by the required degree of availability, integrity and confidentiality. This so-called BIV classification is relevant. How do you determine which data has which value? For example, Informed Group can perform an impact analysis for this. After all, data security is more crucial than ever.

Secure data from any workplace

After all, we all know these days that we don’t just work in the office. We also work from home. And it goes even further. By way of illustration, did you know that bungalow parks already advertise as the ‘new’ home office? Because this provides much-needed variety and distraction in addition to work. Equally, we know that we do not only work together with colleagues. Modern collaboration includes a network organization that is deployed ad hoc to achieve a goal. We just as easily involve external suppliers in this. As well as relations from previous projects who are independently applying their expertise here and there.

Availability, integrity and confidentiality information

As an organization, you actually want to know exactly who, when, via which access channel, has access to information from your organization. Communication departments are familiar with embargoes. Such as the exact time of publication of information. Because what happens if that information leaks out before then? Or, for example, a contractor making a repair to the office sewer system. This will receive a digital copy of the building drawings of the entire building. No one limits this data to just the sewerage system. No one is ensuring that there is no more access to this information. After the job. No one knows whether these drawings have not been forwarded to third parties for a long time. And what about benevolent colleagues who send a document home via email to work on it tonight on the home PC. All well arranged, right?

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Do all sorts of questions come up now? About the right protection and security of information within your organization? Informed Group is happy to help to increase your knowledge and awareness of data security. Data security from any workstation. Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.


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