DQL Buddy 1.0.18 available

Functionaliteiten DQL Buddy 1.2

Deze klanten gingen je al voor

Because reality sometimes turns out to be more obstinate than theory we have introduced a new version of DQL Buddy for you to use.

Years ago already, analysts predicted the end of programmers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) was another agent with a rosy future that would come at the detriment of programmers. However, if you were to ask our experts about their experiences right now, all of them would tell you that these rolling stories surely are not found back in their daily jobs. They are nice theory, but practice proves otherwise. This is also translated in the development and expansion of DQL Buddy. A Documentum consultant’s job just cannot be done without DQL, and consultants prefer maximum support doing so.

Ernst Dijkstra and Jeroen Teeling, two of our most experienced Documentum consultants, have realised several improvements and complements to DQL Buddy, which, also for them, is an indispensable tool in daily Documentum jobs. This way they make sure that DQL Buddy will continue to work for new Documentum versions as well. They also extend the working range of this important tool on the basis of their experiences in practice.

Interested to use this new version (surely recommended!)? Then go to the DQL Buddy download page.

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