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Today I needed to do some programming against the Documentum API to add some custom logic to a workflow. Now the object model for Documentum workflow is somewhat complicated. It has process objects, workflow objects, work items, packages and attachments to name a few. So I thought it would be helpful to have a look at the DFC javadocs to get some info on the methods I needed to call.

Unfortunately I had no javadoc of a recent Documentum version at hand. So I went on a documentation search:

  • I searched Powerlink and easily found javadocs for DFC 4i
  • I searched EMC Developer Network, but again only old stuff and messages of people looking for the same documentation
  • In the end I turned to the good old Download Center and there is was, in the section Documentum Foundation classes

TIP:  for people with no or limited access to the Download Center: I later found out that a copy of the DFC 6.6 javadocs is actually shipped with the xCP 1.5 Information Center. It’s in the plugins directory a file called

If you unjar this file, you will get the DFC javadoc documentation.

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