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Resistance to digitization and lack of available technology for the digital transition are currently the greatest challenges for companies and organizations. Despite the fact that we have been in lockdown for quite some time now. Many companies do not yet have remote working in order. As a result, it is still difficult for their employees to work remotely from home.

Remote collaboration

First of all, it is essential to have your business information (enterprise information) in order. An Enterprise Information Management (EIM) system provides many tools to ensure that the information is automatically stored in the right place. In addition, it is also automatically provided with metadata to a large extent. To quickly see what the piece of information is about. So make sure that this information is made accessible through Teams and all Office applications. Remote collaboration on the correct business information is then much easier.

IT role is crucial in digital transformation

Informed Group is the ideal partner to actually implement this digital transformation digital transformation properly. We help formulate and prepare the plans. In addition, we know better than anyone what possibilities there are to use the new technology in the existing environment as well and safely as possible. We build a bridge between business and IT. And prepare IT departments quickly and easily for a new role and the new technology that is so badly needed.

Information easily and everywhere available

Digital safety and security of company computer systems deserve attention. Especially now that working from home on your own computer is self-evident due to corona. With our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions, we realize an environment that is flexible, safe and logical. For our customers and the users of this environment. In this way, the work processes and information systems can be reached reliably from any environment.

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