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Deze klanten gingen je al voor

About business intelligence and enterprise content management

Enterprise information management (EIM) is the bringing together of data and content in order to offer complete and integrated information provision to knowledge workers. What we now know about business intelligence and enterprise content management was different ten years ago. I have been involved in the world of information management for some time now. Just in the week that I have been employed by Informed Group for ten years, I like to list my ten striking EIM changes. Which also explains why Informed Group plays such an important role in this.

Ten years of service with Informed Group

To explain how it all started, let’s go back to the fall of 2010. I was in Lisbon and participated in “Momentum Europe”. The EMC Documentum User Conference. And as everyone who knows me knows, I always like to let you know what I think. What I didn’t know was that Jeroen Jansen, CEO and founder of Informed Consulting, was sitting a few chairs away from me and was listening Jeroen introduced himself and asked if I had time for a conversation. The next day we sat together on a bench on the Tagus in the autumn sun. And there it clicked immediately. Encounters continued to follow. As a result, I joined Informed Consulting on March 1, 2011. How much has changed in the field of Enterprise Information Management in the past 10 years.

10 notable EIM changes

  1. EMC became Dell EMC and sold Documentum to OpenText, with many being wrong when the end of Documentum was predicted;
  2. Momentum with only attention to Documentum and a great “we know us” content, has been absorbed into the large OpenText World;
  3. Corona has put an end to physical conferences for the time being, but how I miss them in comparison to the weak deductions that are served to us digitally;
  4. Our vision “Connecting People to the Enterprise” is still rock solid. More and more often I see suppliers telling a story after which I think: huh huh, finally;
  5. In my opinion SharePoint has not become the death knell of ECM systems as predicted. In fact, it creates a greater demand for EIM because of the disorder that can be created with it;
  6. The rise of Content Services (remember what Headless ECM was?) Is partly responsible for the success of Low Code in combination with EIM;
  7. Informed Consulting is still there, but replaced in the foreground by the Informed Group brand. After all, we do much more than consultancy: we make products based on experience in combination with customer demand;
  8. I am now no longer just a Business Analyst on the bridge between technology and end users, but also responsible for product development;
  9. The strategy is still close to my heart in the Leadership Team, with now also the operational side in the Management Team and international cooperation in the AIIM Leadership Council;
  10. At home, the nest is empty on the one hand – an adult daughter simply has her own life and family – but it is filled with grandchildren at appropriate times and I am literally the grandfather at Informed Group. Transformation at home and transformation in Enterprise Information Management.

Information management and high-end consultancy

Working at Informed Group is not standard practice. That is why this special club of high-end consultants is indispensable to me for the next 10 years. For the time being I cannot live without the love for this profession. Such as the expertise that my colleagues all share in their EIM projects. In addition, sharing my Information Management experience with the youngsters. We are happy to train them and take them along in the digital transformation of Enterprise Information Management (EIM). And if we can do it again later, the sincere entertainment we have together that makes us more than just colleagues.

Creating real solutions with real people

Rock solid in turbulent times and after a long series of EIM changes, the passion of and for Informed Group is paramount. When I look back, I can only say that what started on a bench on the Tagus is far from over. Together with all colleagues, we bring out the best in ourselves, each in our own way. Together we aim for the success of Informed Group. And if that didn’t work out yesterday, we’ll try again today. On to even more digital transformation in Enterprise Information Management.


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