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The user experience of business applications is now self-evident. Initially, a good user experience was not a priority for a long time. Especially on the interfaces between the front-end and the back-end. Due to the development of mobile applications for companies and organizations, a suitable user experience is now desired. Because with a mobile application, companies connect to the end users in a powerful way. With the staff, customers and other mobile users. As a result, a good user experience of business applications is quite common nowadays.

Linking applications

We also saw this because we won customers based on the user experience of our applications. Informed Group is strong in linking applications that people work with very pleasantly. For example, linking Office 365, which people enjoy and are familiar with, to a more tightly directed environment such as Documentum. Which is less accessible to end users. We tie these two worlds together. So that you have good accessibility to your entire archive throughout the Enterprise.


To design a user environment, you used to need two days of UI training before you knew where to click. By way of illustration: What difference does it make that you need five clicks to perform a function? Who cares if you click buttons in a specific order? As long as you use the application with more features than the competitor, you had a pretty good chance of winning the customer.

Improve the user experience

The evolution of websites followed the same pattern. Who remembers the old school websites with frames you could move? Or the flashy gifs with the text ‘Under Construction’? JavaScript was almost nonexistent and was used exclusively for bad things. Like pop-ups. Appearance wasn’t important. It was all about the content. Things started to change when people realized that looks matter. The look and feel of the website became more important. For this, JavaScript was used to improve the user experience.

Mobile application user experience

The biggest evolution in the interest of user experience was the introduction of apps for mobile devices. People won’t use an app if the user experience is bad. They just choose another app that does the same. Only even better. Computers were invented to save time and costs. So that work accelerated. Improving the user experience helps businesses optimize their work. This includes making services and associated processes more accessible for personnel and customer files. We have to be careful not to go in the opposite direction. I see that companies choose software entirely based on the look and feel. As a result, a few months later they got rid of that software because functionalities were missingAnd. Or because there were too many bugs in it. Lists of requirements are ignored in favor of the look and feel of software.

Expectation management user experience business application

For this reason, our consultants always make mock-ups in the requirements phase. As for the municipality of Amsterdam. This ensures that customers get what they want and want. And what’s not. With the intention of optimizing the user experience. First of all, we meet expectation management. Then we work agile. So that the end user can get started with the application and improve work processes. Therefore, make User Experience part of the wish list. Look past all the bells and whistles of an application. What do you really want it to do? See what it can really do. Maybe even try to make your own mock-ups. So that it helps us to create applications that meet all your needs. Which gives you not only the looks, but also the brain.


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