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In xCP2.0 most configuration and development happens within Documentum xCP designer. However in some cases you must use Composer to create extra features for your Documentum application. In my case I was working on a demo application for one of our customers. A colleague of mine had created in Composer a Documentum project to create a set of test documents for his Documentum 6.7 environment, and I wanted to use these for my Documentum 7.0 environment.

This lead to several error messages when running the Composer project. The most important error message was “java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.emc.xcp.runtime.engine.handler”. To solve this error first I tried to search the internet for any insights into the problem. Sadly I was not able to find a solution. I did find several blogs which mentioned it is a known issue for the Documentum 7.0 environment and that it would be solved in the new release of xCP2, version 2.1. Secondly I found a blog which mentioned the used DFC of Documentum 7.0 and Composer 7.1 are different which could lead to these problems. From here on I tried to create a solution myself.

Since the project was created in a 6.7 environment first I tried to use a Composer 6.7SP2. This gave another error message, but the issue has the same cause. In my internet search it mentioned the different DFC’s. At this point I thought about changing the DFC of the composer to the one I was using in my Documentum environment hoping that it would fix the issue. After trying this I had different errors but still no solution. The errors which were generated drove me in the direction of wrongly developed JAVA code. However since Documentum 5.3 there have been no changes in the API references so I quickly discarded this direction.

Finally I tried the following: Delete all java libraries from the Composer project (except for the JRE library). From here I added all the java libraries which xCP2.0 uses. After this I could finally run the project from composer on my Documentum 7.0 environment. This solution has been tested with Composer 6.7SP2 and Composer 7.1 with success! Below I will give you the steps to create your own solution.


  1. Navigate to the properties of your Documentum project in Composer.
  2. Navigate to the build path in the properties box and delete all the Java libraries from your project, except for the JRE library.
  3. Create a new folder in your project.
  4. In the deployment of your xCP2.0 environment, you have added libraries from the downloaded xcp-runtime.zip to your xms-server. If you have followed the EMC Documentum xCP2.0 Deployment guide, the libraries can be found under:  <Drive letter>:<app server>webappsxms-serverWEB-INFlib. Copy all the jar files from this directory to the created folder in your Composer project.
  5. Add the Composer folder, or separate jar files if you prefer, to the build path of your project.
  6. Run the Composer project with success 🙂


You will have to make sure the libraries in your Composer project are the same as you use in your Documentum environment. For example if you upgrade one off your components, which have an updated library, it will cause the same issue as of which I have started to create this solution.

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