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Something has been annoying me and I finally took some time to look it up. It thought I’d spare you all the hassle and share what I found here.

Problem at hand: whenever you start a DCTM job in a repository at a client, it will take 5 to 10 minutes before the job is actually started. That is annoying, especially when you are testing a custom job. I looked around in the usual places, but found nothing. Then I found the following in the DCTM Server Admin guide:

Setting the polling interval
The agent exec process runs continuously, polling the repository at specified intervals for jobs to execute. To change the polling interval add the -override_sleep_duration argument with the desired value to the agent_exec_method command line. Use Documentum Administrator to add the argument to the command line.
For example:
.dm_agent_exec -override_sleep_duration 120
The polling interval value is expressed in seconds (120 is 2 minutes expressed as seconds). The minimum value is 1 second.
Bonus: you can also set the number of jobs that will be run in 1 polling interval:
Setting the number of jobs in a polling cycle
By default, the agent exec executes up to three jobs in a polling cycle. To change the maximum number of jobs that can run in a polling cycle, add the
-max_concurrent_jobs argument with the desired value to the agent_exec_method method command line.
For example:
.dm_agent_exec -max_concurrent_jobs 5
Use Documentum Administrator to modify the command line.
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