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Deployment of Low-code professional Susan Baars

You have to seize opportunities. That is true in love, but of course also in your career. New challenges and promising perspectives often require a change in thinking first. This certainly also applies to our new colleague Susan Baars. She started working for us this month as a Low-Code professional. Because growing in Low-code is not something you do alone. Susan fits perfectly in our team and offers added value. Based on her personality and OutSystems knowledge. We would therefore like to introduce Susan. Because we are proud of our colleagues.

Certified Professional OutSystems Developer

Susan has been working in IT for 2.5 years and has developed into a Certified Professional OutSystems Developer. After graduating in Motion Technology, she hadn’t imagined OutSystems would come her way. She came into contact with an IT recruiter through a sales job. She saw through Susan’s talents; social, communicative and technical. All properties that fit well with the philosophy of low-code. She started working for an IT organization that offered her the OutSystems boot camp. “The combination of technology and building something quickly makes me happy. Also the customer contact, where I discover what customers want by asking the right questions, gives me great pleasure ”, says Suzan. She has learned the low-code trade on the job. Because terms such as scrum and agile working were new. On the other hand, working out user stories felt natural.

Why work at Informed Group

Low-code is hot. Jobs for people with OutSystems knowledge are there for the taking. Despite many offers, Susan discovered the existence of Informed Group herself. A high-end consultancy company with knowledge of Information Management and Low-code. Because the website appealed to Susan, she decided to make contact herself. “I chose Informed Group because it is a people-oriented company. It is a close-knit team of experienced and certified consultants. Together they have the ambition to continue to grow and I am happy to contribute to this. In an equal way where everyone looks after each other. I am an emotional person and actually there was a click right from the start. ”

What will you bring and what will you get

“I bring my enthusiasm and team spirit with me. I am also involved and always want to help people further. It makes me proud to be part of a team that achieves something great together. I like to work in an environment where I can ask anything. So that I make progress and actually achieve something. That is why I hope to gain knowledge in the field of Information Management at Informed Group. So that we do fun things as a team. And develop total solutions in the field of EIM and Low-Code. I like to work with OutSystems because I simply create something with technology that is used. I also enjoy discovering how a company works and why they do what they do. Looking at the business rules drawn up by the customer from a business logic perspective. This gives me insight and translates wishes into something quick and clickable on the screen ”, says Susan.

OutSystems offers potential thanks to the offered community

OutSystems is one of the most widely used low-code platforms for rapid application development worldwide. This is due to the increasing demand for digital transformation services. Organizations break free from legacy structures with the help of low-code. Thanks to low-code, ICT teams become more flexible, more effective and more productive. The advantage is that they can provide their customers with better products, services and a customer experience. The main advantage of low-code is that it gives a company the opportunity to contribute to the entire development cycle. Because application development no longer relies on coding, but on modeling. Which is much more accessible. And with which you can create something beautiful in a very short time. Such as mobile applications, but also the renewal of the core systems are central to this.

Deployment Low-Code Professional

You don’t grow in Low-code alone. With the help of the OutSystems platform, Informed Group can offer its customers innovative business solutions much faster and at lower costs. Are you looking for a Low-Code professional with a lot of knowledge of OutSystems? Susan could just mean something in this. Would you also like to meet our colleague Susan? Then contact us.


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