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If you know us you are no doubt convinced about two things: Documentum and Connecting People to the Enterprise. We have been your yearlong partner for Documentum requirements. We stand by your side; no matter if it’s about our seasoned consultants, all-in solutions, products, training courses or even our licences. Over the years we helped many customers – even you maybe – based on our vision: Connecting People to the Enterprise. Building a bridge between the needs of our end-users and the requirements of the organisation. With a view to the last, Office 365 / SharePoint was our loyal and flexible partner.

The number of possibilities we offer has grown considerably with the birth of a new partnership: OutSystems.

OutSystems has main offices in Lisbon, Portugal and Atlanta, Georgia. Its customers come from 43 countries and they operate in 22 industries. Thousands of organisations worldwide have put their trust in OutSystems, the number-one low-code platform for fast application development. As OutSystems is the only solution that combines the power of low-code development with advanced mobile options, it enables visual development of complete application portfolios for easy integration with existing systems.

Informed has joined forces with OutSystems to help us implement our vision among our customers. Simply because the corporate value of your means of information is not secured in storage, but in use and easy access. The first result of our collaboration is our ‘OutSystems for EIM’ solution.

This integration now makes it possible to get access to documents and tasks by using the equipment of your choice. You may for instance add mobile phone content straight to the repository, short-cutting your desktop. Whatever business need you may have, it can be solved quickly through OutSystems. This yields a great user experience. Right now, this may also be extended by adding documents, images, records and items stored and administered in your information management solution.

After the success of our integration of Documentum and SharePoint (SPA4D) we now have great expectations of this new integration, whose first version is now available.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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